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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Brooke Skye Back from NYC

Looks like Brooke Skye's been spending a few days up in the Big City. She showed up on cam last week with what seemed like a whole new line of outfits. I was excited to see her but I didn't really say much to her since I was signed in under a different nick - just to generate a chat log for the hell of it. Here's a snip from Jul 20:

carr: so the aliens know who our leader is
Brooke: i molded my pussy ass and mouth so theyll me on my site soon
Brooke: lol
stoots152: thats hot i would buy both
K9: i'll take 3!
carr: ...:o how does a guy get a moulding job just so i know?
Brooke: all three
Brooke: umm flesh light
TEXBOY: Back order one ass for me
Brooke: not sure how it works mayor set it up
lee: we will be able to take brooke's pussy to bed
lee: lol
Brooke: lol
Brooke: yepper

If Brooke was on a little more I'd be blogging here more often, so blame her, not me, lol. If you wanna read more, visit Badassgirlz Blog. I know they're working her like a horse, its summer time, and there's thousands of gigs happening at clubs every night. Not to mention unlike in NYC where bars close by 2, down in FLA girls go out at midnight and don't come home till 6 in the morning. It really sounds like my kind of town. Beer and partying every night surrounded by cute horny chicks and music, great food...I need to get out of this town.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Brooke Skye Chocolate Luv

Well... the last few days, my left jaw was killing me, so naturally, I missed Brooke's chat. I still don't feel all that great, but at least I can drink something. Anyway, I felt good enough to drop by so I went to see what was happening with Brooke's life. No Brooke. Pffft... I check her schedule and see all the damn cancellations this week. I'm not sure if she went over to her Dad's place - I remember her saying she'll bring her laptop with her if she went, though I guess her Dad can always say no. Whatever she's up to, I'm sure she's having a ball. Anyway, what the heck should I do tonight since I have nothing to talk about? I guess I'll go dig up some of those new pics of Brooke riding a horse.

I see five new episodes after the horsie ride, but I'll check 'em out later. pics, just the High Def video which I definitely can't post on here. Oh well. Instead, I'll post a few pics of her with an exotic cutie from a few episodes back.

brooke skye interracial lesbian

Brooke Skye Chocolate Colored Lezzie Luv

I haven't downloaded the high def video, but from the look of the pics, Brooke spanks the crap out of her exotic girlfriend. Instead of posting naked erotic photos (which you can see just about anywhere), I'll post one more pic that, as one bullshit pool player I knew used to say.

brooke skye bites

Brooke Skye bites! (just kidding brooke :D)

Monday, June 19, 2006

Postcard from Redneck Gateway

Looks like TL got to see Brooke Skye at Redneck Gateway again this year. Lucky bastard. Read all about it on his Brooke Skye blog.

Brooke Skye's back on cam tonight and its business as usual. I reminded her about fathers day, which she completely forgot, so she jumped on her cell to wish her dad a happy father's day. One thing's for sure - Brooke's no procastinator.

We spent a few minutes talking about last night's maverick VS heat game. The race to 50 was painful to watch, but the last half was intense, except for O'Neal's free throws - man he was buckling under pressure or does he always suck that bad?

BTW, here's brooke skye's official myspace. She said she made it while she was drunk, so she needs to tidy it up a little.

Brooke Skye trivia of the day:
she likes her eggs over medium, runny.

Today's been slow and my jaw is killing me, hopefully tomorrow I'm in better shape to post some new pics of Brooke. Till then, take it easy on your cocks - don't wank it too hard.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Brooke Fuckin' Sky You're My No. 1 Baby

Brooke was on for an hour and a half Friday night and she seemed excited to see me drop by. I wanted to make sure she was alright. I'm not gonna go into details about what she said to me. I'll just say she looked solid as a rock, gorgeous as ever. Still, I remember back in November when Brooke and Sam had a little fight, and Brooke cried on cam for like three hours. We couldn't figure out what the hell went wrong; she just said "I love Sam, but she can be really selfish sometimes." We stayed up till like 3 in the morning trying to cheer Brooke up.

Friday night, Brooke changed into her blue Wicked Weasel bathing suit goblue bought her, turned her sound on and danced to country wearing a cowboy hat. I wish I took a screencap of her - she looked so damn sexy in that hat - but I didn't, which is a bad sign that I was there more out of concern than to take screenies to write another blog post. Very unprofessional of me, I know. Anyway, she was smiling alot and cracked alot of jokes. One time she said "Do you guys want to see my pussy?" then disappeared. Two minutes later, she's on her back on her bed with Debo on top of her. She said something else that was hilarious, but I can't remember it now. BTW, if any of you guys have myspace, look up "the real Brooke Skye" - that's her real myspace - everything else is phoney, as you probably already guessed. Oh yeah. Some guy was begging for her to get naked, and Brooke goes, "yes put hand off keyboard and into your lap." Lol..I dunno why but that cracked me up.

Anyway, I hope I'll get to see more of Brooke Skye next week so my Brooke-withdrawl symptoms get taken care of, and maaaybe I can start posting more on this blog. She said she's going to see her daddy next week, and she's taking her laptop with her, so I'm expecting alot of outdoor action. Stay tuned.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Brooke Skye is Back in Action

So I found out why Brooke Skye's been scarce for the last few days. I'm not sure if I'll go into details, since I don't know them, but it's not good, and I hope Brooke feels better by the end of this week. Still, I finally saw her last night; I actually didn't SEE her because I had to update my Windows Media Player to v11 beta and I didn't get done doing that till today. Anyway, I saw her talking on chat. I didn't see her again tonight, but I did ask Brooke whether she actually bought that car in the new episode or not. "lol, what do you think?" was her answer, which is what I expected. Anyway, since I'm feeling bad for Brooke and not really in a mood for typing alot of crap, I'm going to post a copy of my chatlog from last night. You'll probably find most of the shit boring, but who knows you might find a decent line or two in there somewhere.

Session Start: Wed Jun 14 17:50:06 2006
Session Ident: {Brooke's Chat}
* Now talking in {Brooke's Chat}
[Ice] lol
[Saud] brooke rub your pussy
[makaveli] i loovvveeee here butt
[hoss] i know brooke has a very nice ass
* Loz has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[makaveli] round but
[Will] damn girl
* Guest169 has joined {Brooke's Chat}
* Puttt has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[Loz] i cant see brook
[Ice] pfft, well not all the times, sometimes i get bored :P or or, if girls tease me, and dont do anything :P lol
* Saud has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
* Puttt has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[Stryker] oh man I hate that, they give you all the signs and when you react they do nothing about it
[hoss] i know i am a lesbian trapped in a mans
[Stryker] lmao
* brooke_fan has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[Ice] lol..
* kelso has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[hoss] brooke must be getting ready to head out to the clubs
[Will] I think brook should do a movie fucking a Sybian machine
[Stryker] you know I wonder how much she makes for this...come to think of it maybe I should just sell my body...
[CowboyJoe] Who would what to ssee that? lol
[peeeps] Brooke! I have a few things to do, and then I will be right back! thanks for the hot shower. Catch you in a few!peeeps
[Ice] brooke should be the next Triple X
[Stryker] hey chicks would die to see this soldiers body
* Loz has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[Ice] and Vin Diesel should come back with um, Ice Cube :D
* tbone4au has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[hoss] i agree with ya ice
[peeeps] PEEEPS WAS HERE!!!!
[Ice] hey did you know there making a Metal Gear Solid movie?
[Stryker] yea i heard about that tottally not for it
* sahne-pudding has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[Stryker] game to movie type stuff never came out too good
[Ice] lol
[Ice] BloodRayne was okay
* bigluv has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[Ice] Tomb Raider was kinda
[Stryker] resident evil?
[Ice] i like that
[Will] good
[Ice] Milla Jovovich nekkid in it
* Guest465 has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[Stryker] And the thing they do is that they never follow the game line, they just make up a story and slap on the game name
[Ice] there making a DOA movie.. omg.. lol
[Ice] Dead or Alive sucked :P
[Will] beautiful
[Stryker] It couldn't have sucked I didn't get any pleasure from it
[Ice] lol
[Ice] hey, i'd love to wake up with brooke laying next to me
[Stryker] what is it about a girl who is hot and wet that just turns me on?
[Will] who wouldn't
[Ice] and Elisha Cuthbert
* peeeps has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[hoss] i here ya ice.just lyeing next to her cuddling up would be a treat
[Ice] maybe Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman :D
[Will] who would not want to wake up to a beautifule body like books
[Ice] even the towel looks good on her :D
[makaveli] i just came
[Guest465] mmmm eye candy
[Stryker] tmi there mak
[Guest717] i cant believe its not steaming bc brooke is so hot
[Brooke] hey guyas
[Brooke] guys
[Will] hey beautiful
[hoss] you feel better sweetie?
[tbone4au] hey sexy
[Brooke] im going to brush my teefys
[Brooke] oo yes loads
[Will] can we watch
[Ice] hey brooke, when we getting married? :)
* Guest714 has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[Brooke] hi tbone
* Guest714 has quit IRC (Quit: Guest714)
[hoss] okie dokie sexy
[Brooke] sure will
* Guest419 has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[Brooke] its up to you ice
[Stryker] if brooke is gonna marry anyone she's gonna marry a soldier who is gonna support and protect here Ice
* tbone4au has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
* peeeps has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[Ice] ooh, how about july? :)
[Brooke] brb i have to get my tooth brush
[Brooke] okok
[Guest419] hey, I can't see anything
[Brooke] sounds good ice
* mre30 has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[Ice] lol maybe we should meet first?
[peeeps] Hi Brooke! How are you tinight?
[Stryker] damnit I'm leaving in July
[CowboyJoe] refresh your browser Guest419
[Guest419] i did
* personaltrainer has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[hoss] well with my job i could meet her whereever she wanted to meet
[Guest419] ever time i refresh ill rack up my guest count
* findme has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[makaveli] did it freeze?
[Ice] theres a Codec you need to view video and such online
* Guest419 has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[peeeps] Brooke??? Are you OK??
* Guest850 has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[Guest850] 850 thats a huge jump
* craig has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[hoss] she's brushing her teeth peeps
[Stryker] Ice you can marry her just as long as your willing to share :)
[Ice] i dont share :P
[Stryker] Well then looks like were doin battle and I wonder who would win lmao
[hoss] then you cant marry her ice
[peeeps] Thats cool! Thanks hoss
* personaltrainer has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[hoss] we wont let you
[Ice] me :)
[hoss] lol
[peeeps] Iraq sucks!!!
[hoss] no prob peeps
[Stryker] I'll call for reinforcments just incase
* Guest465 has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[Stryker] What did you say peeeps?
[Ice] I'm Big Boss and stuff
* Guest559 has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[Guest850] why bring up politics when we're in such a good mood
* Guest579 has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[Guest850] except for the fact that i cant see for shit
[hoss] i sister leaves in july for kuwait
[Stryker] No he's fine where he stands he just better not take it to the next ;evel
[Ice] or popeye, and instead of spinach.. i use beer?
[Stryker] I leave July 5th for Tikrit
[peeeps] I gotta run and mail a letter to my lawyer, talk to you guys in a few
[hoss] i'm havin captain and coke right now
[Ice] hey i'm gonna be a game designer
* craig has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[Guest850] designer is good
[peeeps] Tikrit? Thats the shit!
[Guest850] you dont wanna code
[Ice] i wanna work for rockstar games :P
* makaveli has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[Ice] lol i already code
[craig] i miss the shower
[Stryker] Tikrit is the most hostile zone in Iraq how is it the "shit"
[hoss] well stryker you let your platoon know that you have my backing for you troops doing what your doing along with my friends and family
[Guest850] daddy of GTA and Max Payne
* D has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[peeeps] Hey Stryker, keep your chin up over there, and your head down!
[Stryker] craig the shower is right infront of you how could you miss it?
* D has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[Ice] or Konami :D
[Guest850] coding is gonna make you old
[craig] i had to go somewhere
[Ice] i loved MGS
[Guest850] quick
[Stryker] I've already dealt with the insurgent prisoners now I'm the one taking them in or baggin em
[peeeps] Tikrit, Saddams home town
[hoss] stryker you and the rest of the troops are in our prayers
[peeeps] Semper Fi?
[Guest850] stryker, dont go
[Stryker] Shhh hoss, thats bad luck
[Ice] lol Stryker.. are you the soldier guy person who beats the prisoners up? and pee's on em?
[Stryker] Alittle of both depends on the time of day
* alphan has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[hoss] lmao
[Ice] lol
[Stryker] We have beat em sundays, or toture tuesdays is great
* craig has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[Ice] but church is sundays
[Guest850] yeah and they bomb you back on monday
[alphan] hello
[Guest850] stop the silliness :D
[Stryker] God will forgive me later
[Ice] lol
[peeeps] I gotta run for now, later, dudes
[Ice] i am god, i forgive you not
[Stryker] Oh you can't forget forecful fridays
[Ice] cya peeeps
[Guest850] god doesnt need to forgive, the insurgents are getting even for all the shit
* Guest781 has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[Stryker] Semper Fi peeeps ride on
[Guest850] we are getting our asses kicked
[peeeps] cya, and take care Stryke force
* Guest781 has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[Guest850] later peeps
[Ice] i wanna join the airforce :P
[Ice] RAF and stuff
* craig has joined {Brooke's Chat}
* bigluv has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[Stryker] tell me about it even in the prison, I've been stabbed, shot and even yes blown up, but luckily they can't do any real damage with house cleaning products
[Guest850] lol
[Brooke] sorry i went on a trip this weekend and my toothbrush was in my bag and i couldnt find it
[Ice] lol
[Guest850] they cant attack you with listerine?
[CowboyJoe] we forgive you
[Will] brook can u answer this
[Ice] i thought you were doing something else with your toothbrush brooke :P
[peeeps] Ooorah!
[Ice] its an electric one rigt? :D
[hoss] take all the time you need brooke.i have all the patience in the world
[Will] so brook are u ever going to do a movie with u having fun on a Sybian??
[Guest850] doesnt matter what brooke is doing, i cant see :D
[Stryker] oh man guest your missing it, she is so molesting that toothbrush lmao
[Guest850] lol
[Stryker] Man your missing a great show lmao
[Will] so brook are u ever going to do a movie with u having fun on a Sybian??
[Brooke] yeah when i get one will;
[Ice] lol
[Stryker] Dude go download the latest version of Windows Media Player, it's like 11 beta
[Ice] change my name to Sybian and i'll do it for free
[Guest850] 11?
[Brooke] lol
[Guest850] shit
[Stryker] Yeah 11 Beta
* Will has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[Guest850] ok thanks man
[Ice] i have 11 beta
[Stryker] the links are at the bottom of her page
[Guest850] i'll do it tonight
[hoss] sure wish i wash that tooth brush right
[Stryker] OMG it is an eletric toothbrush!!!
[Ice] omg, i'm right :D
[Stryker] lmao nice call Ice
[Guest850] lol my imagination is running wild
[Ice] when she moves it in and out of her mouth, it reminds me of something else
[hoss] i know what you mean
[Ice] lol
[bigluv] shes my girlfriend
[Stryker] Man it's not fair, I've been without sex or anything for like 13 months, and now I'm never gonna get any!!!!
* steve has joined {Brooke's Chat}
* alphan has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[hoss] jion the group stryker
[Ice] lol big, she's my fiancé
[Ice] :D
[hoss] i'm going on 4 years.
* goblue has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[Stryker] No no no dude, I haven't even touched it in 13 months dead honest swear to the god who damns me to this hell
* findme has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[hoss] she's my wife icew.hahaha.lmao
[Guest850] lol no wonder soldiers get all kinky overseas
[Ice] lol and you havent had sex in 4 years? sorry :(
* Guest819 has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[Stryker] lmao exactly guest
[steve] hoping the towel will slip off :D
[hoss] i was just adding to it ice being mister smarty pants
[Ice] lol
[Guest850] the army needs a dose of brookeskye every day
* findme has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[Stryker] we did when were down there
[steve] first time ive seen her
[Stryker] We would toss in a Brooke DVD on movie nights and imagine but never touch ourseleves infront of one another
* Guest943 has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[Ice] lol
[Guest850] ... lol
* Guest943 has quit IRC (Quit: Guest943)
[Guest850] that is brutal
[hoss] lol
[Ice] no stryker, you'd help each other out
* Guest943 has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[Guest943] .
[Stryker] Damnit I knew someone was gonna say it
* Guest943 has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[Stryker] No we had the prisoners do it for us lmao!!!
* Guest943 has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[Ice] lol
[hoss] ooohhhhhh pj's
[Ice] ooh i love the pj's
[Stryker] So kidding don't anyone get any ideas of telling the press!!!
[hoss] looking oh so sexy on you brooke
* Guest579 has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[steve] putting clothes on... kinda breaking the trend of a webcam ;)
* Guest952 has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[Guest850] ill blog about it tomorrow Stryker
[Stryker] you didn't hear it from me
[Guest850] lol
[Ice] i was just thinking... why do people think bulls hate red? bulls are colour blind :P
[Guest850] there's like 7 guests in the room
[steve] whats in the drwaer ..let me see... let me see lol
[Ice] hey brooke, i'm keeping your bed warm, you coming in?
[Stryker] yeah ice your right but wouldn't you be pissed if someone waved a cape at you and said Olay!
[Ice] yeah lol
* craig has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[Guest850] Olay what? are you talkin' to me?
[CowboyJoe] I rode bulls for a living for about 7 years
[Ice] i bet that was fun
[goblue] Hey Brooke... haven't seen you in a while
[Brooke] oo my hello goblue
[Ice] mean rode.. as in, you sat on its back.. or..?
[Brooke] how have you been love
[steve] lol
* Ronaldo has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[Brooke] hi halfdeck
[Ice] hey its goblue
[hoss] feel better brooke?
[goblue] Hey guys..
] hey brooke, how are ya
[CowboyJoe] Yes, I rode PRCA and PBR
[goblue] Missed you Brooke
[Brooke] im great
[Ice] soo the worldcup as started and stuff.. who here watches football/soccer? :P
[steve] time for me to take a shower...wanna watch :D
[goblue] USA soccer was awful
[Brooke] just took my shower i feel like a million dollars
] Just checked out your mercedes episode last night, did you actually buy a new car?
[Brooke] lol steve hi hun
[hoss] after her taking a shower now i think i'm gonna take 1
[goblue] But I was supposed to brush that beautiful hair
[Ice] i've never felt a million dollars... brooke, mind if i felt you? :D
[hoss] you like like 10 million dollars brooke
[steve] gotta take one its wednesday
[Brooke] lol what do you think halfdeck
] lol
[Brooke] awww hoss
[hoss] i'm glad i am finally able to chat with ya
[bigluv] hi brooke I'm from england
[Ice] england are gonna lose the worldcup :D
* Guest952 has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[Ronaldo] Brooke - any plans for some hardcore video shoots?
[goblue] Ice did you see the US lose ?
[Ice] no i dont like sports
[Ice] lol
[hoss] then sex is out for ya
[Guest850] i like pool
[goblue] Brooke, ever been sailing?
[Guest850] though thats not a sport.
[Brooke] i dont know yet ronaldo
[Brooke] omg you guys would be happy
[Ice] lol I like Hockey and Baseball.. but thats about it.. :P i know soccer sucks
[Stryker] Brooke I saw you went sky diving, how was that experience?
[steve] praying for brooke's blouse to pop open...oh please god...
[hoss] i'm happy and tired brooke
[Brooke] i finally got the recieving end of a strap on
[Guest850] did you?
[hoss] wow
[Brooke] it was great stryker
[goblue] Did anyone film it?
[Ice] lol
[steve] feel good?
[Guest850] Who was on the giving end, Sam?
[Ice] hey bigluv, i'm from england :D
[Ice] Lucy? :D
[Stryker] I'm airborne qualified and I've made 20 jumps already maybe one day me and you can jump from a plane :)
[Guest850] lucy...
[Brooke] yea well kinda i went on bubbas show again and he had this geneous ideal but the only problem was it was way to big
[Ronaldo] Brooke - I'm sure all your fans would like to see you do a hardcore shoot !
[Brooke] it was like a horse cock and im tight
[Guest850] damn
[Brooke] no mellisa midwest
[Ice] lol mine would be the same brooke :)
[hoss] tight is good
[Ice] ooh midwest!
[Brooke] yea well they got it in little but it hurt to much
[Brooke] but i tryed damn it
[Brooke] the footage will be up on my site soon
[hoss] you can do anything you put your mind to
[Ice] thats not true hoss
[Guest850] Yeah, site went down on that BTLS day, didnt know how it went
[goblue] What a stupid stunt.. hope she was nice about it
[Stryker] There is a pain threshold there hoss, your body and mind can only take so much
[hoss] i should have said almost anything
[Ice] you cant fly.. or do pyrokenisis even if you put your mind to it :)
[hoss] thanks guys
[Guest850] i believe i can fly
[hoss] oh we go
[steve] still trying to use that strapon on a guy brooke?
[Stryker] Sure you do guest, and we have a special padded room just for you
[Ice] i can do pyrokenisis, and telekinesis :D
[Ice] and and Cryokenisis
[Guest850] gyrokenisis?
[goblue] Let him try.. part of natural selection, like the Darwin awards
[Stryker] Hey brooke you seem to be very popular, ever think about getting a bodyguard?
[Ice] and that
[Ice] i'd be the bodyguard :)
* jcull has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[Guest850] i know molly from wlt has a bodyguard, kimbo
[Brooke] lol yea i have one
[Ronaldo] anyone know if Brooke's done anything hardcore before?
[goblue] Now what you need is a husband!
[Ice] lol is your bodyguard coming to our wedding brooke?
[Brooke] hi jcull
[Stryker] Yeah to kill you ice
[Brooke] lol goblue i know
[Ice] lol
[Guest850] goblue are you volunteering?
[jcull] hi brooke
[Ice] no stryker, we'd have a lightsaber duel, and i'd win
[goblue] Brooke has declared me next in line.. .
[Stryker] I should know I work for a company called Dark Water, were mercs for hire
[goblue] Ice was first
[Ice] ice is still first :)
[goblue] semantics
[hoss] and as usual i'm last on the
* Guest32 has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[Guest850] well ice still needs money to fly over
[Brooke] lol you guys are great
* Chris has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[Ice] lol
[goblue] Nice smile Brooke
[hoss] not as great as you brooke
[Brooke] hi chris how are you
[steve] rather be good than first:D
[Stryker] See the problem with Brooke's bodyguard is he's from florida
[Guest717] you are the great one
[Brooke] awww
[Brooke] lol
[Brooke] awww
[Ice] hey, i'd only have to work 4 weeks to have enough to fly over :)
[hoss] i just came out of florida
[Ronaldo] so Brooke - what are you considering doing for your site?
[Stryker] Not New York and Jersey were you grow up tough and understand what it's like to be shot or stabbed
[goblue] I bought our sailboat today, Brooke
[Brooke] what do you mean ronaldo
* Bryce has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[Brooke] lol stryker are you from there
[Brooke] nice goblue
[Stryker] Yeah I was born in NY and now live in NJ
[Ronaldo] you said you were thinking about something more hardcore - wondered what you had in mind
[Brooke] cant wait to go for a cruise
[Ice] 4 weeks = £1k... £1k = $1,844.68 :D
[steve] she meant mountain climbing
* Chris has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
* Chris has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[Brooke] mm ont sure yet ronaldo ill surpisee you
[goblue] Yeah the wind in your hair would be awesome
[hoss] i have access to a private 90 foot yacht
[Ice] no hardcore! :P
[Ice] unless hardcore is using weapons.. like in wrestling
[Brooke] oo my
* Chris has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
* Guest32 has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
* Chris has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[Brooke] lol
[Brooke] yea im going to join ufc
[goblue] Hardcore is a dime a dozen... Brooke is different
[Ice] lol
* Randy has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[CowboyJoe] Brooke I own horses. I have been riding since I was 5
[Stryker] Brooke, go for the balls thats all I can say
[Brooke] awww goblue
[Ice] hey if you join the ufc, can i come in and watch for free?
[Brooke] lol stryker
* hotwheels has joined {Brooke's Chat}
* craig has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[Ronaldo] what about anal - do you like that?
[steve] u and stacie keibler in a thong match drooool
[Brooke] hell yea ice
[hotwheels] hey baby
[CowboyJoe] You can come to my ranch anytime
[Randy] Hello Brooke!
[Brooke] hi hotwheels
[Stryker] You'll win every match and become UFC champion in no time by just kickin around balls all day
* Chris has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
* lee has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
* Chris has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[goblue] Invite Melissa to your webcam
[Brooke] nice cowboy were do you leave
[Brooke] live
[hotwheels] i have missed you so much!
[Bryce] hey whats up im new here
[hoss] sounds like a fun time to watch ufc if brooke goes there
[Brooke] oo i know i missed you guys so much
[Ice] Stacey Kiebler, Trish Stratus, and Torrie Wilson in a wet and wild match with brooke? oooh
[CowboyJoe] I live in Texas but my ranch is in Colorado
[Stryker] So your down in Flordia brooke, how's the weather?
[hotwheels] you look hot bb!
[Brooke] hi bryce
[steve] just stacie would be nce
[hoss] hell yeah ice
[Bryce] i hear you are from huntington beach?
[Chris] Brooke, have you ever been to the UK?
[Bryce] hey brooke
[Brooke] how are you thank you for joing
[Ice] how about Ashley too
[Ice] and Michelle McCool
[Brooke] its good stryker
[goblue] I think Stormy Daniels and Brrooke would be gold
[hotwheels] did you get my last message sweetie?
[Guest717] can we see your boobs please
[Ice] and Chrissy Hemme.. and that other playboy chick
[Bryce] you look all cute with the natural look going
[Stryker] I heard you guys are gonna get hit with a hurcanie I think I'm gonna volunteer to do some relief if that happens
[hoss] i was just in florida brooke and i'll be back down there for monday delivering office furniture
[Ronaldo] so Brooke - how about some anal videos?
[Guest850] Sandra shine or Sophie Moon and Brooke
[Brooke] how hve you been hotwheels
[hotwheels] good. i was sick last week bb
[goblue] Sophie Moon and Brooke, but I think Sophie Moon is history, right?
[Brooke] lol ronaldo
[Guest850] history how?
[hotwheels] im better now!
[Brooke] aww not good hotwheels you better now?
[steve] he was offering u his videos brooke lol
[Guest850] I hope you don't mean she quit porn
* punner has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[hotwheels] yes! can i have a kiss bb?
[Ice] Sophie Moon as in Sasha Saint? :P (or Sophie Sweet) :P
[punner] hi there cutie
[Guest850] lol
[Ronaldo] why laughing? I bet we'd all love to see you taken up the ass!! :)
[Guest850] damn akas
[Ice] i like her :)
[goblue] Yeah, Ice.. didn't she disappear or something?
[punner] this is great i finaly get here to chat
[Ice] dunno, she's still alive anyway
[Guest850] She better be alive
[Ice] I like Anetta Keys, i met her once in Amsterdam
[goblue] Of course, but like she quit porn
[steve] 1st show in how long?
[Guest850] Anetta is another hot European chick
[hotwheels] where'd she go?
[Ice] how about Tiffany Rose?
[Ice] or Terri Summers? :)
* matt has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[Guest850] mmm terri im not all crazy about, she looks short to me
[Bryce] she's gettin all prettied up
[Randy] she is riding me in the other room!
[goblue] No I got it.. Nicole Sheridan
[Guest850] yeah.. but Nicole is crazy and married
[Ice] omg Sarah Blake is hot too
[Stryker] Oh man it's 634 I gtg things to do drinks to drink girls to try know what that was pathetic I gotta go lol I'm out peace ya all, c-ya tommorow I hope brooke
[hoss] ah lets just get paris hilton and nicole richie in a hot lesbian scene
[Guest850] later Stryker
[CowboyJoe] Nice to meet you Stryker
[hoss] take care stryker
[Guest850] parison hilton she only gives me a migrain :D
[goblue] Randy Spears says all the porn chicks have personality disorders ;-)
[Stryker] Stay horny gentlmen
[Ice] cya Will Stryker :D he was on x-men 2 :)
* Stryker has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[Guest850] i saw two porn chicks catfight the other day on youtube
[Ice] lol
[Guest850] forgot who
[hotwheels] hey bb
[punner] how u brooke
[Ice] Carmella DeCesare maybe?
[Chris] Where did you go?
[Brooke] hi punner
[Guest850] nah
[hotwheels] can i see your sexy body sweetie?
[goblue] Hey Brooke, did you know Randy Spears said that all the big league porn chicks have personality disorders.. so I am right you are different
[punner] is nice to finaly to chat with you xo xo
[Brooke] the phone was ringing
[Ice] me hotwheels? lol
[Guest850] she was getting her head banged up against the fridge
[Chris] Wish it was me on the line!
[Brooke] lol goblue
[Ronaldo] all that talk about anal made her want to shit! :)
[CowboyJoe] Brooke is not a porn chick
[hotwheels] you look so hot baby!
[Brooke] lol
[Guest850] Brooke Skye is Brooke
[hoss] no she's not and that makes her special
[Ice] brooke is cool :)
[hotwheels] will you dance for me brooke?
[Brooke] well thank you
[goblue] Well said.. my mistake
[Chris] Brooke rocks!!
[Ronaldo] but it'd be even better if she was!
[goblue] Sorry Love
[Ice] brooke is my goddess :D
* twister has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[steve] bedtime already?
[punner] she is useing what god gave her lol
[hotwheels] yes brooke rocks!
[Brooke] no no its ok
* craig has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[CowboyJoe] I don't think so, I like her the way she is
* matt has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[Brooke] awwww i love you guys thank you
[hotwheels] how are you doing brooke?
[Chris] She is perfect 10!
[punner] she is super hot
[hoss] your welcome brooke
[Ice] lol song 2 from blur? whats that about?
* Guest717 has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
* Guest717 has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[Guest717] brooke can we see your boobs please
[Guest850] Brooke wrecks my scale
[goblue] Our wedding is still the 13th?
[CowboyJoe] She's a 10 inside and out!
[Ronaldo] so Brooke - have you ever had anal?
[Brooke] nope
* Guest910 has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[Ice] lol goblue
[Brooke] maby once
[Guest850] Friday the 13th?
[hotwheels] you are so sexy brooke!
[Chris] Can you blow me a kiss?
[Ronaldo] was it good ?
[goblue] Yes.. she knows it is my lucky day
[Guest850] lol
[punner] brooke is super sexy
[Guest850] I'm gonna have to wish you luck goblue, just in case
[hoss] brooke is gorgeous in my book
[Ice] hey wheres lucy at? :)
[Chris] Thank you babe!
[Brooke] it hurt
[hotwheels] will you dance for me brooke? :)
[Randy] Chapstick anyone!
[steve] brooke looks great even with nothing on.......hint :D
[Brooke] haha ice
[Brooke] not here
[hotwheels] pleease?
[Brooke] lol
[goblue] Gotta go Brooke.. hope it is not soo long before we chat again
[Ice] lol
[Ronaldo] so - you not going to do it again?
[Guest850] lucy who? j/k
[Ice] you're the only one for me brooke :)
[punner] so brooke is this what you do for a living ???
[Brooke] oo no no please dont make me hotwheels
[Brooke] :(
[Brooke] awww ice
[hotwheels] why?
[Ice] hey is Lucy Summers related to Terri Summers? :)
[Brooke] it wont be goblue
[Guest850] You don't have to dance Brooke, I can't see
[goblue] good
* goblue has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[hotwheels] are you mad at me brooke?
[Brooke] love you so good seeing you again
[Brooke] i misseed you
[Brooke] lol guest
[hoss] just seeing her gorgeous eyes is good enough for me
[bigluv] I love you brooke
[Brooke] no no hotwheels not at all
[Brooke] kisses baby
[Ice] i :love: you brooke :)
[Guest850] hotwheels, patience grasshopper
[Brooke] i love you to biglov
[Chris] You have the hottest body on the planet!
[steve] (F)
* Guest910 has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[hotwheels] thanks honey! i love you brooke!
* twister has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[Brooke] aww thanks chris
[Brooke] mauh!!!1
[Guest850] i like Brooke's beat-up jeans
[hotwheels] im glad we can chat again brooke!
[Brooke] lol
* jcull has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[Brooke] ooo yea do you guys have myspace?
[punner] brooke could make a moo moo look good
[Chris] Do you prefer blondes?
[hoss] i do
[Guest850] Brooke do you actually have a real myspace?
[Ice] hey brooke, your myspace page kinda disappeared
[CowboyJoe] What does muah mean?
* Guest717 has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[Guest850] muah = kisses
[Brooke] look up "the real brookeskye" and add me
[hotwheels] red looks so hot on you brooke!
[Guest850] ok will do
[hoss] you know brooke yawning is contagious
[hoss] lol
[Ronaldo] Brooke - have you ever had more than 1 guy at once?
[Chris] red would look even better off her too!
[Guest850] I'll have to make a myspace then lol, i never really got into it
[Ice] hey how do you link your psp to your ps2?
[hotwheels] true
[Ice] lol
[hotwheels] are you happy baby?
[steve] how about a little flash of that gorgeous body for those of us who havnt seen u in a while
[Ice] me hotwheels? :)
[steve] ;)
[hotwheels] sure
[punner] your so sexy babe
[Brooke] very happy hotwheels
[Brooke] thank you punner
[Chris] Can you blow me another kiss. Gotta go
[hotwheels] me too!
[Ronaldo] well Brooke?
[Guest850] i have every curve of Brooke's body engrained in my brain; i dont have to even look :D
[hotwheels] mm
[hoss] whats your myspace under brooke?mines patrick
[hotwheels] so hot brooke!
[steve] mmm ... typing slowly and one handed :D
[punner] got to love those cherrys
[Chris] what are you doing to me!
[hotwheels] i've missed you brooke!
[Guest850] i must be missing something. lol
[Randy] That belly button is what i Love!
[Brooke] the real brookeskye!!!!
[hoss] ohhh my what a gorgeous body brooke
[Guest850] for real?
[steve] very kissable body brooke
[Brooke] yep
[punner] brooke you need a school girl outfit
[Guest850] k
* MikeG has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[Chris] Can you play with your pussy one more time?
[Guest850] I'd love to see Brooke in a business suit
[hotwheels] gotta go bb. sorry. i love you! see you tomorrow!
[MikeG] howdy Brooke
[hotwheels] kisses!
[Brooke] hi mikeg
[Brooke] how r u?
* Randy has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
* Mar has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[MikeG] i'm doing swell!
[MikeG] ... and a little better now! :P
* Randy has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[hoss] i love seeing her naked,but i would be happy just seeing her beautiful smile
[Brooke] ok guysim going to go to dinner now
[MikeG] how bout you?
[hotwheels] bye!
* Randy has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
* Randy has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[MikeG] ohhh, what's for supper?
[Brooke] but i love yall im so glad to see you guys again
[hoss] happy eatings brooke.will you be back on later?
* Randy has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[Brooke] some kinda fish
[hotwheels] kisses!
* Gad has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[Brooke] kat is cooking
[Guest850] have a great evening Brooke, nice to see you
[Ice] cya brooke :)
[Brooke] kisses
[Brooke] love you guys
[MikeG] mmm.. alright see ya!
[hoss] hugs and kisses brooke
[Chris] It's been wicked here in the UK!
[hotwheels] gotta go brooke! see you tomorrow!
[punner] good night sweetie
[steve] who is Kat
[Ice] hey can i join? i'm hungry
[Ice] lol Chris, its cold in the UK :P
* hotwheels has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[Ronaldo] for those who say Brooke's not a porn star - Wiki calls her a "Canadian pornographic actress"
[Guest850] 72F here
[peeeps] Hi Brooke!!
[steve] hot in minnesota
[Brooke] and to make up for chat being down i will get on this weekend as well
[punner] its cold in canada to
[Brooke] love you guys
[MikeG] canadian? she's from florida no?
[Guest850] Well, people like me can edit Wiki
[Brooke] hi peeeps how are you
[Chris] lol, but we'll win the world cup. It'll be hot then!
[Ice] Canadian eh?
[Guest850] In fact, I'll go edit that out right now. lol
[peeeps] Im good, how bout you?
* Guest454 has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[hoss] love you too brooke.enjoy your dinner
[punner] ya eh
[Ice] but England wont win the worldcup
[steve] je suis quebecois
[Brooke] im great im about to get off here and go eat dinner
[Bryce] hey do u still visit huntington beach?
[hoss] send me a message when your on again
[Brooke] im starving
[MikeG] one boobie flash for the road!!!
[Ice] they only won against the last team by an own goal
[Brooke] but i hope to see you guys tomorrow
[peeeps] I sure enjoyed the HOT shower!!
[Brooke] love yalll i missed you guys alot you have no ideal
[steve] good suggestion mike
[Chris] Bye bye beautiful
[Brooke] so good to talk to you again
[Ice] I want Brazil to win :D
[Ice] or Argentina :D
[Brooke] byebye chris
[Ronaldo] Brooke - what's the name of that girl in the VIP videos with you ?
[Bryce] when will u be back?
[Brooke] see you guys later
[punner] just sitting down to back bacon sandwich eh
[Brooke] love ya ice
[Brooke] candy
[steve] see ya brooke :D
[Ice] love you more :)
[peeeps] Tomorrow is my birthday! When is yours
[punner] and having a canadian
[Brooke] love you guys byebye
[Ronaldo] Candy what? she's pretty!
[MikeG] byeeeee
* Brooke has quit IRC (Quit: )
* D has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[bigluv] blow me a kiss goodbye
* Guest943 has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
* Chris has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[Guest850] ltr all
* Guest850 has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[Ice] Canadian eh? whats that all abooot?
[Guest454] flash us goodbye. please????????
[Ice] seen it
[hoss] bye brooke.take care babe
[steve] she can strip now that were not watching'
[MikeG] she's already gone
[Ice] she's gone
* MikeG has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[Bryce] wow you have the cutest smile dont stop
[punner] take off eh you bunch of hosers
* tricky has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[peeeps] I sure miss her when she does that!
* Guest454 has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
* Mar has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[peeeps] I love you, Brooke!!
* Gad has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
* Gad has joined {Brooke's Chat}
[hoss] love ya brooke
[peeeps] Bye for now
* steve has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
* peeeps has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[Ice] she's gone, cant see you type
* Gad has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[punner] sweet dreams brooke
* tricky has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[punner] peace i'm out
* punner has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[Ice] hey i'm gone
[Ice] ttyl :)
[CowboyJoe] See ya Ice
* bigluv has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[Ice] cya :)
[hoss] bye ice
* Ice has quit IRC (Quit: the british are coming! waaiit, i'm british :P)
* CowboyJoe has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
* hoss has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
* Guest819 has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
* Bryce has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Brooke Skye and Sam in their New Mercedes Convertible

Well, I still haven't been able to catch Brooke Skye this week on cam, and I'm starting to feel serious withdrawl symptoms, so I'm raiding the members area tonight to quench my Brooke Skye addiction.

brooke skye and samantha gauge aka sam

Brooke Skye and Sam on a Mission

What does that look like to you? Brooke Skye and Samantha going shopping? I wouldn't have to guess if I wasn't so lazy not to download the damn High Def video, right? BTW, that beat up jeans is sooo me, I love it. Anyway, I went to download the episode, and I find out they're dumping their beat up bug and buying a new ride. (Are they really? We'll see.)

Brookie likes?

Brooke Skye (with a Girls Gone Wild shirt) doing a Chuck Norris impression

Brooke Skye and Samantha Gauge walk into a small garage called Phoenix Auto Store / Global Auto Finance. The place is literally jam packed with high end wheels. After taking a little tour around the joint, Brooke spots a red Mercedes convertible. She immediately climbs into the front seat with Sam. A salesperson walks up to them and asks "Hey ladies do you like the car? It's available for $26,000." Brooke says "I love the car...only...we only have $23,000. Is there anything we can do for you the price?" "Maybe", he says. This has got to be a reinactment of what Brooke actually did when she was 15 (I wrote about that earlier). Without missing a beat, Sam dives in, eating Brooke Skye for breakfast (or lunch, whatever). Yawza!

Samantha Attacks Brooke Skye

Samantha attacks Brooke Skye

Their make out session seals the deal. But I never get to see Brooke drive away in that gorgeous car, which makes me wonder if she really has a new car or was it just a great idea for the newest episode?

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Brooke Skye MIA

So where's Brooke Skye been recently? I haven't been able to catch her on cam for like two weeks now. First, while she and Kat were supposed to drop by BTLS (Bubba the Love Sponge) show, her site crashed. I left an ICQ with Mayor's Money, and one of the guys told me their server had a catastrophic meltdown (well, I'm actually paraphrasing). For two or three days, none of their sites (,,, showed up. When the sites finally came back up, the I couldn't log into the chat. For a few days, Brooke would turn the cam on and just lie on the bed twirling her hair for two hours and then fall asleep. She musta known no one could talk to her. Mayor's got to teach her about blogs. I know there's an official brooke skye blog, but its just a promo tool that Brooke Skye doesn't really touch. I can't blame her, since she spends half of her day every day getting wasted, lol. Anyway, last night, I finally was able to log into the chat again, but Brooke never showed. So I still have not much to report on, except I took some snippets off her diary, and I actually figured out how to log into the chat client through MIRC (though I won't tell ya how). Let's see...

2006-06-05 - Sam and I are supposed to go parasailing today. I haven't been in a while and Sam has always chickened out when we go. I swear sometimes she acts just like a girl, hehehe. I'll make her get up on it today though or she gets a spanking... though i might spank her either way wink wink.

Yep, Brookie is a bit of a tomboy.

2006-06-04 - Drank a ton last night and had to stay with friends. I had a really good time but half the conversations I do not remember. It'll be great to get back to chat live with you guys. I can tell you some of the things that happened this weekend that don't come to mind right now.

(I guess chat was working on May 4? Who knows)

2006-06-03 - Went on a neat boat cruise today. It took about 1 1/2 hours to get to the destination, then we ate a very nice meal, then next was a cute show with commedians jugglers and the like. They also had some nice birds on display and very cute monkeys. I loved it.

2006-06-02 - The redneck party is so much larger this year. Lots of nice people and some very sexy females. Nothing like hot pornstars drunk at a party to really make for a great night haha. Kat, Sam, and I spent a bunch of time dancing at the clubs.

(Yeah I didn't make enough sales to qualify for this gig, no thanks to you guys, lol, but even if they invited me, I wouldn't have had time to get my ass over there anyway, even if it meant I could see Brooke Skye in person)

What else?

2006-06-01 - Sorry that the site was down, there was a glitch in the server and the guys worked their asses off to get the site back up. I really missed talking to you all. Tomorrow I go to that redneck party, it should be great but I'll probably spend most of my time drinking.

So I guess the site being down was like 9 days ago. Time freakin' flies. I also heard Brooke's got a new video of her skydiving. When I go into the members area, I see an episode of her on a horse. Hmmm Mayor's got no free gallery for those episodes though. Remind me to IM him because their galleries really suck...Same templates and videos off episodes that are months old.

Wow..holy fuck. She really did go sky diving! Yeah I have access to the members area, but to tell you the truth I only go to her chat 99.9% of the time because my 200GB hard drive is 3 GB away from overflowing. So damn, she's been off having too much fun without me, as usual.

brooke skye reading to sky dive

Brooke Skye and Samantha Gauge after landing I guess (I have to download to HDef Video)

brooke skye and samantha gauge landed

And here's a pic of Brooke Skye sky diving.

brooke skye sky diving

Ok I'm outta here. It's Saturday and I'm trying to decide what to do with my Gforce 6800 - return it today or on Monday (I'm returning it cuz I really want to upgrade my mobo so I can plug in a PCIX) - and playing a few more games will help me decide (NOT). I'll post some pics of Brooke riding a horse later.