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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Brooke Skye Blog - Breaks Probs, Again?!

Soooo...I been checking up on Brooke for the last few days, to no avail. Her calendar kept shifting at the last minute, she wasn't on when she was expected to be on, and all that jazz. But on Wednesday, around 9 in the PM, I found her sitting pretty in the bedroom.

Brooke Skye blog

Brooke Skye back home, can't stop smiling

She was all smiles, said she missed everyone, and kept saying she couldn't kill her smile (I won't go into it)...She said she had to go take care of a relative out of state, but then things took a left turn...

She was supposed to come home yesterday, but she caught some kind of a virus or flu so she slept at her grandma's house, and woke up at 6 in the morning. She got in the car for the four hour drive back to her place but then her car breaks down. So she gets her car towed into a shop, its 3 pm, and the guys at the garage tell her the part they need they won't get till Saturday.

"So I have to find a ride to the airport and fly home so i dont miss the chat and now here i am."

Which left me pretty much speechless, till this new girl plopped right on top of Brooke out of nowhere:

brooke skye and lucy

Brooke Skye and Lucy, the newest addition to Brookeniverse

Lucy is from down South and Mayor's working on her site, which will launch in a week or so, she said. This chick smiles alot and not shy about staying butt naked while shes on cam. She's got a tattoo across her back, a little lower than this chick's tattoo.

brooke skye we live together

Thursday night chat was mellow and Brooke wasn't on tonight (probably picking her ride up tomorrow), so in the meantime, here's a free video gallery of Brooke in We Live Together's Runaway Pickup episode.

And just to plug Brooke's official website, here's Brooke and another brunette eating each other up.

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Friday, April 21, 2006

Brooke Skye's First Sexual Experience

I burned 2 hours today hunting for more interesting female bloggers, just to rev up my understimulated brain. Fortunately, I found a couple of cerebral 'n sexy female bloggers like Lusty Lady and Walkingvixen. Sure, those blogs aren't much help when you're just trying to get off, but if you're intellectually starved to death like me or if you spend hours a day writting bullshit sales pitches like I do, these blogs are like oasis in a desert -- no, seriously, I'm not exaggerating.

Brooke Skye relaxing alone on Wednesday night

Brooke's live chat went into bullet-time mode this week. She had one reporter from some newspaper or a website come over on Monday, so she kept her shirt on for almost the entire show. The reporter (assuming he really IS a reporter) sat on a couch behind Brooke for the first half of the chat. We kept staring at his big dark shadow on the wall. The second half of the show, he lay on the couch and all we could see was his hand raised above his head. I have no clue why a reporter would be lying on the couch like that.

I could hear Brooke talking to the guy about the Bubba show. I didn't catch alot of it, but I'm guessing Brooke was saying how 25 cent showed up before the radio show and freaked her out by whipping out his black dick and asking if he could poke Brooke's thighs with it. She turned to the guy who arranged the show, Bobby, and said "What the fuck did you get me into Bobby?" Eventually, both Bobby and Brooke were freaking out and they were ready to walk out of the show. Not sure exactly what went down, but some guy patched things up and the rest of the show went smoothly (According to the show's summary on, Brooke did let 25 cents get a little closer with "big black").

Brooke also mentioned she first had sex when she was 15 at a car dealership. Yep, you guessed it. She had sex with a dealer in the back of one of their cars so he'd go a little lower on the price. Musta been a hell of a blowjob. It really does pay to be in a position of authority.

Brooke Skye Trivia: Brooke Skye did layouts for Hustler's Barely Legal and Tight magazines.

Brooke Skye Video Gallery of the Day: Here's a new free movie gallery of Brooke Skye shaving her legs.

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Friday, April 14, 2006

Brooke Skye VS Bubba The Love Sponge

Last Friday, Brooke stopped over at her mom's place after appearing on Bubba The Love Sponge's show on Sirius radio. When I asked her about the show, Brooke pulled up a CD on cam and said she's got a copy of it. She promised to play it on chat in a few minutes, and just said she had a ton of fun on the show and she gave a guy a good beating. Some guy dropped a url in chat for Bubba's website home page. There, you can see pics of Brooke tearing Big High John's nipples off his chest. Make sure you also download the video of Brooke whipping the crap out of John's boxer shorts while Bubba nudges her on to hit him harder.

Brooke Skye with wet hair over at her mom's crib for easter weekend

I also saw Brooke's mom for the first time. She's shorter and stouter than Brooke. She's definitely not skinny like Brooke, plus she has blonde hair. Her mom leaned over Brooke's shoulder a couple of times to make sure people weren't typing in any nasty lines into her chat. Lucky for her, we were just typing benign stuff like "Hi, Brooke's mom!"

brooke skye on bubba the love sponge

Brooke skye pics and videos on Bubba The Love Sponge (

Anyway, around 6 PM EST Brooke replayed the show from start to finish. Bubba started off by asking Brooke when was the last time she had sex with a guy. She said 3 weeks ago. When Bubba asked her who this lucky sob was, she just said it was a booty call. Man, chicks have it so damn easy, don't they? Well, I guess I have my own collection of last-resort fucks (chicks to fall back on in case I screw up with my main squeeze), but booty calls?

Then he asked how much money she was making off the site, like six figures? She said not six figures yet, but she's getting there. "They're ripping you off", Bubba said. lol. Brooke laughed and said she's getting paid very well though. At one point, Bubba ordered every shmuck in the studio to leave so Brooke could pull down her wickedweasel underwear and show Bubba her pussy. After that he got the smallest fish in the pond (bottom of the totem pole) aka intern Big High John to get whipped shitless by Brooke.

Check out the BTLS recap of that show starring Brooke Skye.

That's all I can remember for now. Too bad I didn't think of stream capturing Brooke's live chat but I think that might be a breach of their TOS or whatever. lol. I doubt it. Next time, I'll try it just for kicks. For you poor dudes that missed the show, here's a movie gallery of Brooke Skye stripping out of brown corduroy pants.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Brooke Skye on a Road Trip to Sirius

On Wednesday night, after Brooke spent an hour packing, she said "are you guys ready?" Then she picked up her laptop, carried us into her passanger's seat, and spent a few minutes loading up her trunk. Some guy joked we were going on a field trip when Brooke turned into a gas station to fill up her tank. I got to feeling like we were Brooke's comfort blanket and if they let her, she'd carry the cam straight into Bubba's radio gig.

While a guy in the chat room who said he toured with phish all over the place while they were still together explained how to make a girl squirt by working her g-spot and clit at the same time, Brooke Skye got me on the edge of my seat with her driving. First of all, she wasn't wearing her seatbelt. Second, she kept looking over to read the chat while the car was still cruising along. At one point she changed her shirt without even stopping her car. I kept imagining watching her crash into some big delivery truck on the highway and ICQing Mayors Money to tell 'em Brooke got into a car accident. She might have been behind an old lady going 5 miles an hour, who knows.

Anyway, About 7 PM Brooke said the laptop battery was about to die, so we said our adieus.

Brooke Skye in the shower with another girl

Brooke Skye's wet n' sloppy girl+girl kiss

Yesterday, I went and signed up to Sirius online free 3 day pass just to find out I can't get 100 or 101 online. Probably some contractual who gets paid extra for what bullshit that hasn't yet been sorted out. I wasn't about to hawl my ass out to Best Buy and buy a Sirius compatible radio either. So I ended up missing the show.

If anyone was able to catch her on Sirius and has a bootleg of the show, post it up man so we can all check it out. Anyway, I'll talk to Brooke tonight and find out what went down.

Here's one of my favorite free softcore Brooke Skye video gallery where Brooke squeezes and tugs at her blue jeans.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Listen to Brooke Skye on Sirius 101 Thursday 6PM

Rumor has it Brooke is making a cameo appearance on Sirius 101 Thursday 6 PM. Bubba the Love Sponge -- that dude I associate with Howard Stern -- is going to interview her. If you have Sirius, check it out. If not, its time to get Sirius!

P.S. Get 3 Days Free Sirius Pass with this link some guy posted on Brooke's chat.

Brooke Skye teen amateur

Brooke Skye making sirius arrangements on her cellphone

Last night was one of those shows that lasted for hours, and I ended up staying till 9 PM. Brooke plugged in her audio and played music all night long, taking requests and stripping, showing off the new wickedweasel bathing suit a member sent her. Some members also sent her a Movado watch and white boots.

Brooke Skye teen white boots

Brooke Skye showing off her new pair of boots

Brooke played "It's one of those days" by Limp Bizkit twice, sang along to a couple of country tunes using a cheat sheet. Though she insisted her singing sucks, she actually has a cute singing voice. Brooke also played her favorite song, "thank you" by Kaci Brown. After 7 PM, the chat was officially over, but Brooke decided to keep her cam on. She was off and on -- her cellphone ringing off the hook for over an hour.

Sam walked around the house for two hours with just a red towel on. She even revealed her boobs for a minute or two, though Brooke kept Sam's nipples covered by cupping them with her hands and squeezing Sam's boobs tight.

Brooke Skye and Samantha Chillin

Brooke Skye chilling with Sam, who was waltzing around with just a towel on

Movie of Brooke Skye in her last apartment. Check out that off-the-wall multi-colored lamp in the background :)

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Monday, April 10, 2006

Brooke Skye Teen - Overcharged!

When I logged on Monday night, Sam and Brooke were sitting in a car heading someplace. Brooke was behind the wheel wearing shades, occassionally checking the chat on red lights. The sun was so bright it turned the entire screen white, except for Sam's blue eyes. Sam said it was churning hot outside.

Brooke Skye and Sam

Brooke Skye and Sam on an early evening ride

Brooke said they are picking up her car from the shop. After a few minutes Brooke came back and said the mechanics overcharged her and she ended up paying 800 bucks.

Brooke Skye with Hat On

Brooke Skye with a cap that reads "I Love Corona." T-shirt says "When the money is gone, so am I!"

The chat went on for another hour as Brooke and Sam drove back to their apartment. After they got home, Brooke went to smoke outside.

Then she suddenly said in a matter-of-fact way that she got beat up last week. I was like what?? She said some guy got pissed off because she refused to put out. She said he gave her a puffy lip, a black eye and even bit on her middle finger. WTF!? The guy was like 290 lbs; Sam went to defend Brooke and the guy knocked her out cold with one punch. Then when she came to, she tried punching him but then he knocked her out again. I said the sob better not have had his way with her -- Brooke said nope, a car drove by and the fucker ran away.

She said that's why she wasn't on cam last Thursday. She lifted up her middle finger to the cam and you could see it all bandaged up where the freak bit her. She still had a gorgeous smile on her face and was laughing throughout the rest of the chat.

I wish Mayor thinks hard about getting Brooke a body guard.

For all you pornhounds out there, here's a free video gallery of Brooke Skye and Faith Belle.

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Brooke Skye Loves Milk Chocolate Covered Raisins

So a few minutes after I wrote my last post, I told Brooke Skye she shocked me when I saw her on and she started laughing. I really didn't expect her to be so all-out hardcore, ya know? I haven't spent enough time inside to actually download the vids, but I'll be writing a full review of In the VIP one of these days, so when I do I'll check out the entire Brooke Skye episode in there.

Brooke Skye

Brooke Skye's reaction when I mentioned inthevip, or it could have been something ice said (oh wait, he wasn't there yet :D)

While I was browsing around Google, I found an interview of Brooke Skye on, which I thought was pretty cool. Nothing too revealing there, except lets see...that Brooke grew up as a "goody-goody" (I kinda thought she was a rebellious bad-ass party girl) and she really digs guys with a sense of humor. Plus she doesn't care if her man's not loaded, because she's making plenty of dough on her own. She also likes guys in boxers (which is all I'm wearing now while I type this up at 11:15 in the morning). I guess the most surprising thing she said in the interview was losing her virginity on a crotch rocket). She also mentions she's going to school, but I knew that already. She said something about computers a while back.

In the last chat, Brooke said she moved out of her parent's house when she was 17 to live with her best friend Sam. BTW, Sam is recently not really acting like her shy self on webcam. She's pulling down her pants to show off her thong and everything, it's sooo not like her. But why am I complaining??

Brooke skye and Sam

Brooke and Sam - notice Sam is wearing the big pair of shades Brooke had on a few days back

All during the chat, Brooke was munching on something and some guys kept asking her what the hell was she eating. For about an hour she kept them hanging but after Sam showed up, Brooke finally let the cat out of the bag.

Brooke Skye likes raisins

Brooke Skye reveals what she's been munching on - a whole pack of Sun-maid Milk Chocolate Raisins

At 7 Brooke called it quits and said she and Sam are going out to eat some Sushi (one of Brooke's favorite foods). Then I ended up missing camshows a few days straight due to schedule conflicts. Don't think I'll miss Monday's chat though.

P.S. I remember the last sushi I ever paid for. I was sitting in NYC with a hot female friend of mine and she ordered once tiny piece of sushi that cost 15 bucks. 10 minutes into the meal she got a cellphone call and said she had to take off - talk about being saved by the bell. And ya we did the dirty before we went out so I didn't mind her taking off :)

Here's Brooke Skye Free Movie Gallery of the day, featuring Brooke giggling with another cute starlet then getting into some hot lesbian carpet munching! If you want the full-length Ultra High Definition (HDef) versions, you can always check out her 2 bucks trial.

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Brooke Skye In the Vip ( Hardcore Threesome I went digging for Brooke Skye's hardcore boy girl pics and videos inside In The VIP and I must say I'm shocked to find Brooke Skye getting herself into a threesome. I just finished checking out her pics, but they're probably way too hardcore for me to post here, except maybe this one before things get outta hand:

brooke skye boy girl threesome in the vip

Brooke Skye boy girl hardcore threesome in the VIP

What happens next is everything you'd imagine -- and then some. Two girls' lips pressed tightly against one cock, then the guy fucks each of them one at a time, till he shoots his load on their tongue. So...if you thought Brooke was just about girl+girl (like I did) well, this should be an eye-opener for ya =D Anyway, here's a In the VIP video gallery featuring Brooke. To see it all, grab a cheap trial to In The VIP.

P.S. If you're already a member and wondering what episode she's in, look for her in the "Looking Up" episode that came out on 6/20/2005.

I'll post some pics of Brooke Skye in We Live Together later on this week.

In the meantime, I'll talk a little bit about what happened yesterday. Brooke came back from Virgina and when I logged on to her webcam, she was wearing a big pair of shades riding in the back seat of a car with Sam sitting beside her on her way to a beach.

brooke skye in shades

Brooke Skye in big shades on her way to a beach

Then Brooke said all the sudden she had to turn off the cam for 15 minutes. Right before her cam went black, she asked if I was going to the Redneck Getaway. It's an adult webmaster get together down in Ft. Lauderdale, FLA that'll happen sometime in June. I said I wasn't going this year, though honestly, I've never ever been to FLA. It's like an 8 hours drive from here.

Anyhoo, when Brooke turned the cam back on, she was sitting near a beach in front of a restaurant ordering steamed muscles. I guess she likes steamed shellfish.

Then out of nowhere, she says this reporter is interviewing her about her and her site. She didn't say what he was asking her, but she was laughing alot and playing with her hair, whatever that means. So she ended up talking to the reporter till 7 PM, when the battery on her laptop started fizzin' out.

Brooke promised tonight will be more fun...she should be on in 10 minutes, so I'll see what happens.

One last thing -- here's a few video clips of Brooke Skye wearing an "innocent" t-shirt playing with herself.

More to come, stay tuned.

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Brooke Skye's Brother Goes off to Iraq

teen Brooke Skye
If you didn't already know, Brooke Skye's brother is a marine. He came back from Iraq around 7 months ago (his wife had a brand new baby recently too) but now he's heading back out again. I wish him the best of luck. I can tell she seriously loves marines and has alot of friends in the army -- that shows how much she loves her brother.

Brooke went to see him on Thursday, so she wasn't on chat for a couple of days this week, but she'll be back on Monday according to her camshow schedule, so sit tight people :) I added that link to my sidebar, since I check it every friggin' day and never got around to bookmarking it.

Meanwhile, I saw one or two guys looking for Brooke Skye torrents. Well, here is something better - free Brooke Skye strap on sample video gallery! Four lesbian movie clips showing Brooke being silly with a glass dildo strapped to her crotch and making a blonde chick moan and squirm as she pounds her pussy and mouth with it.

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